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About the company

Figueroa Tank Lines Oil Fuel Transporter began hauling gasoline and diesel products, even ethanol and transmix, since May 2004. We are based out of Richmond, CA. We service all around the bay area and even extending parts of central California like Sacramento and Stockton.

We provide a great value of service to our clients who have been Flyers, SC Fuels, Pinnacle, Golden Gate Petroleum, and many others. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service and provide everyone with quality products.

Business history

Marco Figueroa, who has overseen the hauling petroleum products for over 25 years, owns Figueroa Tank Lines, Inc. Marco has worked as an Operations and Safety Manager and started his career in driving in 1990 with Williams Tank Lines. After 5 years with Williams, Marco was hired by Shell Oil Company to deliver their service stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. He retired from Shell in 2002 and opened the doors of Figueroa Tank Lines, Inc. In May of 2004, in Richmond, CA.

In 2004, Marco became one of the most experienced carriers in the San Francisco Bay Area, with assistance from training programs offered by Shell Oil and British Petroleum. His management team consists of the top individuals in the petroleum industry, which, with their expertise and team effort, has helped the company grow from a one-tanker truck operation to six tanker trucks along with fifteen safe drivers.

Figueroa Tank Lines, Inc. is based out of Richmond, CA, a prime location that gives a wide radius in which to do business as well as a facility that can provide some of the best Customer Services in the Bay Area. Some of the destinations Figueroa Tank Lines, Inc. covers are in the San Francisco Bay Area are Richmond, San Jose, Brisbane, Benicia, Martinez, and even extending to parts of Central California in Stockton and the state capital in Sacramento



At Figueroa Tank Linkes, Inc., safety is a primary concern, and we strive to maintain a safe environment, coupled with outstanding customer service. We assure every customer that we are mindful of not only their safety but also the safety of our employees, and the safety of the wide array of communities we travel to.

Environmental awareness

At Figueroa Tank Linkes, Inc., we are mindful of the effect our product can have on the environment. We make sure to service all of our equipment, and keep it up to date and up to our standard of excellence. We make sure to monitor any inquiries by the California Air Resources Board. All of our vehicles are in great condition and in compliance with state regulations. Some initiatives we are taking as a company is training our drivers to minimize drive time when delivering to sites by educating them about the more efficient routes. Our goal is to keep California green.


Our mission is to consistently provide excellent oil/fuel transportation services that focus on safety and efficiency. Essentially, we align our industry expertise with the safety standards that concern environmental protection while choosing the more efficient routes to streamline the hauling process.

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Should you wish to know more about our company, please don’t hesitate to call us at 925-500-8124 or send us a message here.